About Us

If you are like most of people, you probably want a cleaner carpet, but didn’t think anything would really work. Maybe you’ve tried carpet cleaning products, only to find out they don’t always work. That’s because these over-the-counter cleaning products use a weaker cleaning agent and can’t give the results our natural carpet cleaning system can.

In 1986, Mark (Arman) Expert started offering carpet cleaning services in Vancouver. His goal was to give the best service at the best rates that no other can match. His passion and ethusiasm brought carpet cleaning to a new level with the introduction of a new brand – 604-CLEANER. Today, 604-CLEANER offers a wide range of cleaning services from carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, duct cleaning, furnace cleaning, office cleaning, gutter and power washing, window cleaning and mattress cleaning and many more.

Imagine never having to worry about your cleaning needs anymore. Think how great it would be to know you have the expert you can call anytime with the best rates and results…while you simply relax and do some leisurely activity. That is our goal.

When you call us anytime today, we guarantee 100% you will get the best rates and service. Take your choice from our wide range of cleaning services for residential or commercial.

Why would we give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee?

Well, the answer is quite simple. We know from experience that if we can get you to use our carpet care service, you’ll keep calling us over and over again. So giving away a 100% guarantee is a small price to pay to earn your business.

We hope you call 604-CLEANER soon.

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