Carpet Cleaning Vancouver

At Carpet Cleaning Vancouver, taking care of your carpet is number one priority. We pride ourselves on offering quality, friendly and professional services for residential and commercial properties. Our technique is unparalleled in British Columbia; this has earned us the reputation of ‘Mark Expert Carpet Cleaner Services.’

Vancouver Carpet Cleaning

Being a respected cleaner, we stand behind our service and we make sure our customers are happy. 100% customer satisfaction and money-back guarantee.

We offer some of the most innovative, clean and cost effective methods of keeping your carpet. upholstery, home, office clean.

“They cleaned my carpet, rugs and upholstery. I called them after seeing their listing on google maps and they gave me their best price estimate. I am glad I chose to go with carpet cleaning vancouver. They were very flexible about scheduling the time and agreed to work during the weekends so I can be home during their work. They worked with my schedule. Very professional company and the carpets look great now.”
- Allen, Vancouver

We make sure to leave you with lasting impression and cost-effetive solutions that will revive your carpet and home furnishings. The result? you will preserve the beauty and lifetime of your carpet.

We also offer the following services:

Duct cleaning Vancouver

Air ducts are ideal habitats for mold, spores, duct, bacteria and allergens. Duct cleaning maintains proper care to heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. When done properly, duct cleaning can improve living condition and provide comfort to the house occupants.

Dryer vent cleaning Vancouver

Small amounts of lint will build up over time slowly causing air flow restrictions. This is a risk of fire. This will also cost you high utility bills. Call 604-CLEANER now and ask our expert how our solution will reduce risk and save you money.

Awning cleaning Vancouver

We cover most types of awnings, tents, tarps, flags, banners, canopies, tensile fabrics, signs, patio furniture, inflatable baloons, RV roll down shaes, beach house or deck umbrellas or car covers.
Our awning cleaning team uses the right type of awning cleaners, sealers and protectants.

Window cleaning Vancouver

Claim back your natural sunlight. Your window needs to look nice and clean for employees and potential clients.

Gutter cleaning Vancouver

Our professional gutter cleaners are trained to prevent leakage to foundation wall and stop roof damage. Call 604-CLEANER to protect your residential and commercial property. You will be amazed at how gutter cleaning will improve your free-flowing gutter system and reduce water damage.

Office cleaning Vancouver

We are professional. We work with your schedule without interference to your business. Our staff is fully bonded, insured and trained to clean any type of commercial facility.

We are friendly and knowledgeable. We offer citrus based deodorisers and non-toxic products which leaves a pleasant environment for your employees and customers.

Pressure Washing Vancouver

Our services cover houses, driveways, decks, roofs or any valuable properties.

Feel free to contact us at 604-CLEANER, schedule an appointment or to have our carpet cleaning Vancouver expert immediately dispatched to your location.


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Cleaning Updates