Dryer Vent Cleaning

Do you know that without proper dryer vent cleaning – your dryer can spark fire? Small amounts of lint will build up over time slowly causing air flow restrictions. This is a risk of fire. This will also cost you high utility bills. Call 604-CLEANER now and ask our expert how our solution will reduce risk and save you money.


We use a professional method to guarantee you have a clean and safe dryer. Dryer vent cleaning is performed when your dryer is no longer drying clothes fast. We disconnect and pull the dryer out, put a blower on the vent and vacuum the dirt/lint out.

laundromat-dryer-vent-cleaning-10a laundromat-duct-cleaning-001a

We even go the extra mile to get the vent clean.


You have the quality you want at an unbelievably affordable price. Our dryer vent method is used in central laundry rooms throughout the Lower Mainland.

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