Why BC Homes Need Air Ducts Cleaned?

Answer is because they get dirty! If you have a decent sized home, you will at some point in time need air duct cleaning. These are several factors that can intesify the need for an air duct maintenance:

- If you have pets
- If you have house members with acute allergies or asthma
- If you have someone who smokes
- If you have a home renovation project
- If you have occassional damages to home air system

“My baby is two-year old and my husband is an avid smoker. I also just recover from fever two days ago. When I am at home, I found out that there is a certain scent in the house. Little did I realize the old smell accumulate so bad to be what it is today. I won’t find that out if I were not sick and stayed at home all day.

I immediately called Mark 604Cleaner to find out what went wrong with my apartment. After initial consultation, we decided that it is better if he inspects the heating and insulation in the house. He found out that the air duct is causing problems because the cigarrette smokes lingers long in the house, causing contaminants spreading in the air. I decided to have air duct cleaned the next day.

I wouldn’t have realzed the problem if it is not because of 604Cleaner.”

Denman Street, Vancouver
British Columbia, Canada

The reason why these factors are determinants is because some occupants in the house are more sensitive than others. The young children and the elderly are particularly susceptible to these types of air contaminants. Of course proper cleaning can address the circumstance.

So why on earth do you need to do to find out if your air duct needs cleaning?

You pretty much can tell from indoor air quality; cautiously inspect your heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

First what you want to do is using a small mirror or flashlight to detect how bad the situation is. The next step, you can take your digital camera and take a picture inside the duct.

See the picture and diagnose the severity of the condition.

What should I do if they are so dirty?

Well I guess you know the answer to the question. National Duct Cleaning Association strongly advised that duct cleaning should be performed in totality. This suggests that if you decide to clean one part of the HVAC system, you should also clean the whole system. Otherwise you are risking re-contaminating the whole system.

Hold at this point and think for yourself. If you clean only duct, don’t you think other components that are previously connected to duct will also need cleaning? true of course. But what are those components? In addition to air ducts, they are the following:

- Colls
- Drain pan
- Air Plenum
- Registers
- Grills
- Air Cleaner
- Heat Exchanger
- Blower Motor

“From the moment my air duct get cleaned, 604Cleaner has been always professional. They manage to clean the entire HVAC system and restore the air quality inside the house.

I will recommend them to anyone who needs duct cleaning”

Kitsilano, Vancouver
British Columbia, Canada

Do your first inspection or consult with 604Cleaner right away. Don’t risk your family with such poor environment!

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