A Carpet Cleaning Vancouver Story: Big Sales or Satisfaction?

Many people mistakenly believe that carpet cleaning is a simple task. Contrary to the popular believe – that anyone can simply clean their carpet professionally without hiring an expert cleaner – Carpet Cleaning Vancouver strives to break this myth.

On the other token, the industry is filled with entities that claim they can provide the best service with the steepest sales. But whether they can fulfil and meet your demand standard is en entirely different story.

Carpet Cleaning Vancouver Customer Satisfaction

Take Steve Chandler for example, a resident of Robson high-rise apartment in Vancouver, British Columbia. Chandler was back on his hard-earned vacation from Brazil and wanted his apartment cleaned. Back in Brazil, he made a few contacts with some of carpet cleaning companies in Vancouver. He nailed his gaze on a company – without knowing background and reputation. Right from the get-go, he immediately felt that something was wrong – as the owner’s tone on the phone was unfriendly. He kept going ahead with his choice because of one main reason – he thought that this company offered the best value in the market. But is it really?

The week he was back in Vancouver was the week he got an appointment scheduled with the company. The crew arrived late – and sadly – their attire appeared unprofessional. He allowed the crew inside his apartment. And now the real storey began. The crew who appeared to be the cleaning company owner himself haggled Chandler to death. He pointed corners, stains, damages, all you can think of – and ended up costing Chandler a fortune just to have his three-year-old vinyl carpet cleaned. End of the story, Chandler felt really upset re. the behavior and unprofessionalism of the cleaning company. But there is little he could do since he wanted his apartment cleaned real bad.

The next day luckily Chandler made a phone call to his best friend, Ferdinand, who happened to be our regular customer. Chandler told Ferdind of what had happened to him with the cleaning company. We got a phone call from Ferdinand – and Mark Twain, one of our cleaning experts, called and comforted Chandler that everything is going to be ok; that we will send our staff one of then weekend to inspect if the cleaning was done properly. Twain also explained that no matter which cleaning company in Vancouver – if they are genuine entity – they will abide by some carpet cleaning Vancouver standards/methods to clean his carpet.

Long story short – we fixed the mess for Chandler and with the power of connection and strong recommendation – our carpet cleaning Vancouver system is proven to win another customer’s heart – which is what we are all about.

Carpet Cleaning Vancouver Needs Care

If you ever feel dissappointed by the way your carpet was cleaned – or have a similar story like above, feel free to give us a call at 604-253-2637. Our carpet cleaning Vancouver expert is ready to assist you.

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