Judging The Best Carpet Cleaning Vancouver Methods

How should you judge when you have the best carpet cleaning methods performed? When you call Carpet Cleaning Vancouver companies, the cleaner has to have the best equipment. And he has to know when to use the right method.

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Here are some methods that we employ at our company:

1. Industrial cleaners. This method allows all dirt, grimes and dust that are trapped in fabric to be removed completely. The mechanism uses simple push and switch ons. Although they might come in small sizes, regular equipment pack a lot of power, powerful enough to be used in commercial or industrial settings. Some of factory sites in British Columbia employs our proprietary Carpet Cleaning Vancouver machine.

2. Small carpet cleaner with scrubber. Scrubbers and polishers are mainly used in cleaning kitchen. When they are combined with carpet cleaners, their functions are meant to clean residue and comb the carpet after being vacuumed. Carpet cleaners use this type when there are heavy stains or piles of debris covering customers carpet. The scrubber makes cleaning more efficient – as it cleans heavy debris faster. However, keep in mind that this type of machine uses very little moisture.

3. Portable carpet cleaning machine. The advantage of having a portable machine is that it allows you to access hard-to-reach locations. When you have apartment condos high enough for truck mount to reach – or remote enough that the hose is challenged to stretch, a portable solution like this is ideal. The machine is equipped with a carpet extractor. This extractor is what makes professional machine different than regular home use machine. It can clean up heavy soil and dust from the carpet. While they come in many modes and brands, generally residential use only requires narrower type. Industrial machine is usually bulkier.

4. Truck mount. Any professional carpet cleaning company – like Carpet Cleaning Vancouver - will have a truck mounting equipment. This is the best machine in terms of suction power and cleaning ability – as it relies on truck vacuuming engine. The only limitation is that it is not as convenient as the other equipments. Truck mount is very powerful – that it can remove debries, grout, soil and other hard substances that are hard to remove. The vacuuming power also translates to cleaning your carpet faster and drying it quicker.

These methods are our company standard operating Procedure – and it should be standard practices of any good carpet cleaning companies. When you call us, you can expect fast, efficient and effective services. You do not have to worry about contemplating which method for which carpet – because we do the initial pre-estimating job for you. We usually perform initial visits to survey the job site if necessary. However, based on our experience, we can mostly tell which methods are right from the site location and consultation with you.

For more information, please consult with Carpet Cleaning Vancouver expert at 604CLEANER or 604-253-2637.

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