Testimonials To Carpet Cleaning Vancouver

Below are some nice words that our customers have awarded us with. We thank you for trusting your carpet to our hands.

Friendly and professional team

Thank you Mark. Your crews handle our apartment very professionally. My boyfriend and I live nearby Royal City Centre. There aren’t many reliable cleaners around this area, so we decided to contact carpet cleaning Vancouver 604cleaner.com. My sister in Surrey recommended me your service before.

After checking the website, we decided to invite 604cleaner for our 2 BR apartment. They gave excellent service and arrived on time. The staff was helpful and friendly. The owner followed up by personally inspecting the job after it was completed by his staff. Great commitment to customer service! Thank you for a job well done.

Sixth Street, New Westminster
British Columbia, Canada.

Great service

Dear Mark,

I am pleased to give you my remark. We found your company via google and we got a package cleaning deal covering furnace cleaning, gutter cleaning and carpet cleaning for our house. The crew was well organized, communicated well and they did a great job. Now the house smells like new and we checked the furnace and the carpets they are all very clean. I would definitely recommend them to anybody looking for commercial cleaning.

Kevin, Coquitlam
British Columbia, Canada.

Beautiful job

I called 604cleaner yesterday to schedule cleaning of my carpets and upholstery for the evening. They showed up at the appointed time and did a thorough job. My carpets look like new and I am very happy that I had chosen them for the job. The price was also very reasonable and the owner, Mark called to make sure I was satisfied. This company is superb!

Mohammad Abi, Surrey
British Columbia, Canada.

New house, Old carpets

We recently moved into a new 3 BR house in Vancouver recently. There were a few surprises on the carpets after the previous owners moved out. Thinking the cost for cleaning is going to be high, I called around for a few quotes. Carpet Cleaning Vancouver 604Cleaner provided the best estimate that I deemed cost-effective and high quality.

The carpets were cleaned thoroughly and all stains and marks removed. The carpets look like new now, all stains removed and deodorized. 604Cleaner did a great job, fast and professional at a very competitive price.

Stanley, West Vancouver
British Columbia, Canada.

Amazing job in short time

I had a problem with the carpets due to leaking roofs. Booked an appointment with 604Cleaner and the guys came in and did their carpet cleaning job perfectly. They did a perfectly amazing job and the carpets were left like new, fresh and clean. I think they used good quality shampoo or enzyme to clean the carpets and they are deodorized now. Would definitely use 604cleaner again and would recommend them to anyone considering cleaning works done.

Sarah, Vancouver
British Columbia, Canada.

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